Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Fell In Love With A Thief!

How dare you steal everything from me?
How dare you break into my life that quick
And leave me empty-handed?
I have reached a verdict.
You are a thief!
And I am now your victim.
Look what you did to me.
You stole my breath.
Because you took it away, 
The first time I saw you.
You stole my peace of mind.
Because right now,
You're disturbing my thoughts.
You stole my sanity.
Because I'm now in my disoriented state of self.
You stole my strength.
Because I am now so weak to resist you.
And all of a sudden, I lost my power to choose.
You stole my heart.
And now I'm dangerously in love with you.
And here I am.
So stupid of loving a thief.

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