Friday, September 28, 2012

I'd Rather

I’d rather be a companion and sit beside you as long as you want me to 
Than to be a stranger in your life without a clue.
I’d rather be a listener to all your talking
 Than to be blamed for all your crying.
I’d rather be the one who will believe in you
 Than to be the reason for you to lose faith.
I’d rather be here now and tomorrow
 Than to be just a part of your yesterday.
I’d rather be your friend and love you all the way 
Than to be someone who will hurt you in the end.
I’d rather be a permanent friend than a temporary lover.

Wire Sculptures

Wire sculptures by Marco Cingolani 

The Night at the Tower

Sand Art

Amazing Sand Art by Andres Amador

How Lovely!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Amazing Mosaic Made From Rubik’s Cubes

Using 4,242 Rubik’s Cubes, this incredibly awesome mosaic of Martin Luther King was created by artist, Pete Facteau. It took him (just) over 40 hours to construct this, plus 5.5 hours of final installation. The mosaic's weight was approximately 1000 pounds. Every cube was twisted or reversed to achieve this image. It was displayed at Art Prize competition in Michigan USA in 2010 from September 22nd to October 10th. About 30,000 enthusiastic guests came to see this mosaic at that time. The Rubik’s  cubes were rented at a cost of about $8,000 but the project’s total cost was around $9,000.

"Dirty Artwork"

Nope. You’re not looking at a painting inside a museum. What you’re actually seeing is a dusty car window made as a canvas by Scott Wade! The artist makes use of car surfaces to make artworks from the dirt that covers the vehicles.  Every masterpiece is made inside the glass space bordered by the car’s body with the use of different paint brushes together with his hands. One artwork can take him a minimum of 40 forty minutes up to a maximum of 4 hours.  Because of the rain or gradual destruction over time, Wade's artwork is wiped clean which leaves him a new space to start another masterpiece.

Roaring in Silence

I couldn't speak. 
I chose not to utter a word
Even if I wanted to shout
To the whole world
How much you mean to me.
So many times,
I wanted to whisper it
In your ear
But I couldn't even
Make a sound 
Or at least an echo 
Of what my rumbling heart
Needs to convey. 
My fear of losing you
Silenced my thoughts 
Of wanting to make you mine.

But then again,
I continued to listen
To every forceful thump 
Of my heart 
That overrides my strength to think
Whenever you're beside me.

And so here I am.
Roaring in silence.

The Sea of Faces 1